Tips to Prevent Gastric Acid Rise in the Morning

When you wake up, you suddenly feel pain in the chest or solar plexus. That's a sign that your stomach acid is in a state of rising. At times like this, it must be very uncomfortable and disrupts the daily routine.

Usually, the cause of acid reflux can be due to consuming too often spicy foods, coffee, or fruits with a sour taste. Not only that, irregular eating patterns, consumption of certain drugs such as anti-rheumatism, pain relief, to headaches can also be a risk factor.

To prevent stomach acid in the morning, 3 ways of this Health can overcome it.

1. Drink Lemon water
To prevent stomach acid from rising in the morning, lemon water is one option. This lemon water can provide an effect to balance the level of acidity contained in stomach acid. In addition, this lemon water can also reduce inflammation naturally and activate the digestive system after a sleepless night.

2. Drink ginger tea
Ginger is useful for calming the stomach and reducing stomach acid production. This ginger tea can be drunk in the morning to suppress the acid production. For sweeteners, avoid the use of sugar and replace it with honey so that the effect feels more leverage in the body.

3. Sleep with your head higher
To prevent stomach acid from rising in the morning, try sleeping with your head above your body. A study shows, this position has proven effective for reducing acid reflux.

Try placing more pillows under your head and keeping the position unchanged. This method also prevents stomach acid which can rise into the esophagus at any time when you fall asleep.

4. Limit portions at dinner
At dinner, control the portions so they don't overdo it. This is done so that the body processes food faster in the body. If food is not properly digested, stomach acid will rise when you wake up in the morning.