Menstrual Blood Clotting, Normal or Harmful

Menstruation is familiar to every woman. Menstruation is a monthly cycle that is always present in women's lives. Regarding menstruation, there are many interesting things from him.

Although interesting, menstrual cycles sometimes also become a problematic for women when menstruation does not arrive on time, the color of menstrual blood that changes varies, the mood of women who are uncertain during menstruation until pain in the female body due to menstruation. On the first day of menstruation, this problem will very often occur.

On the first day of menstruation, some women may find menstrual blood coming out more concentrated, lumpy and blackish in color like chicken liver. Approximately, is this dangerous?

Is Menstrual Blood Clotting Dangerous?

Menstrual blood clots usually occur on the first day of menstruation. This condition occurs because the blood flow out in a swift condition. The body also releases anticoagulants (blood clotting prevention agents) so that some blood clots along with menstrual blood. Blood clot is actually the remaining dirty blood stored in the uterus for a long time.

Launch from page, the presence of blood clots such as chicken liver during menstruation is a natural and normal thing to happen. As long as the blood clots are not excessive or too large and accompanied by excessive pain in the stomach and miss V, this is still fairly safe and not dangerous for your health.

The release of dark blood clots during menstruation does not need to worry too much. However, if the menstrual blood that comes out resembles granules and is accompanied by excessive pain or pain in the abdomen, hips and miss V, try to immediately check the health condition to the doctor or a skilled midwife. I hope this information is helpful.