Know the 8 Surprising Benefits of Me Time

Me time has long been recommended to be done, especially you who have a dense activity in a day. Me time will help you deal with fatigue due to daily routines.

If you have ever tried it, what do you usually do at me time? Reporting from fimela, Saturday (11/23/2019), here are some surprising benefits from me time, curious about what?

1. Gives a feeling of joy
Scientifically, me time that is done routinely can help someone find calm. Yes, me time can cause relaxation and reduce stress.

Some studies also agree that me time is associated with increased happiness, better life satisfaction, and better stress management. People who often spend more time are found to be less depressed.

2. Make you have a better connection with other people
Nobody can be active 24 hours 7 days emotionally. You have to fill your own energy with me time to have a better connection with others.

3. Sleep quality becomes better
A study found that 50% of people who sleep with a partner experience sleep disorders. Spending time on me means doing things differently, like choosing to sleep alone to increase one's own happiness.

4. Help you set boundaries
Almost everyone has maintained a relationship that is actually less than ideal just because you want to avoid loneliness, do you also do it? Me time will teach you how to embrace loneliness, let go of relationships that aren't ideal, and spend more time maintaining more satisfying relationships.

5. Help you set goals
In addition to limitations, me time will also help set clearer goals. You will be better able to map out plans and take the best steps to achieve those plans.

6. Make you a better parent figure
Spending more time on me will increase your ability to develop empathy. This applies especially to parents so they can feel more refreshed and focused.

7. Ward off fatigue
Spending time to me means also being free from various obligations. Me time can be considered as a step opportunity to focus on your own needs and desires, which are often opposed to others.

8. Make you a more attractive person
Doing things that really suit you is interesting to see, you know? Use me time to really understand what things you want to do and do.