How to Use a Safe and Effective Ear Drop Medicine

Ear drops are usually used for various forms of treatment, such as treating ear infections and removing dirt in the ear.

This drug can be purchased directly at the pharmacy or using a prescription from a doctor. But regardless of the type of ear drops used or the reason for their use, it is very important to use ear drops correctly.

Using ear drops properly can help the drug enter the ear canal and treat the problem more effectively. Here's how to use ear drops correctly and safely as reported by HealthHealth from Healthline:

1. Preparation

Prepare your equipment, including bottles of ear drops and tissue or cloth to clean the drops. Wash your hands with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer.

2. Warm the Bottle

Warm the ear drops in your hands for two minutes. This is to reduce the discomfort in the ear that can be caused by cold drops of liquid.

3. Check the bottle
Remove the lid from the bottle and place it in a dry and clean place. If your bottle uses a dropper, make sure it is clean and not cracked.

4. Right Position
If you are using ear drops for yourself, the easier position is to sit or stand upright and tilt your head.

If you give ear drops to someone else, it might be easier if the person is lying on his side.

5. Using Drops in Adults
For adults, the way to use ear drops is to pull the top of the ear back. Drop the medication into the ear according to the doctor's instructions or label.

Gently pull the ear lobes up and down to help the drops into the ear. Hold the head tilted for 2-5 minutes until the drops of the drug can spread effectively.

6. Using Drops in Children
To give ear drops to children the same way with the guidelines above. But before dripping the medicine, pull the lower part of the ear down and back.

7. Clean
Using a tissue or cloth, clean the remaining drops in the area around the ear. Put the lid back on the ear drops and wash your hands to clean the remaining medicine in the hand.

8. Warning
There are several things that must be considered when using and giving ear drops. First, do not use drops or drops that are cracked and dirty.

Make sure the tip of the dropper does not touch the ear, fingers or other surface because it can be contaminated with bacteria and other germs. Also, don't warm the bottle of ear drops using warm water because it can overheat and actually hurt the ear.

Finally, don't share your ear drops with other people. Sharing ear drops can help spread bacteria and infections.