The enchanting beauty of the Tasikmalaya Panetean Curug that Hits Again

This time your tour destination will discuss the Enchantment of the Beauty of the Panetean Curug Tasikmalaya with More Hits in Tasikmalaya, West Java. Panetean waterfall has an amazing charm because it has very clear water and cool rocks. Panetean waterfall is also often called Leuwi waterfall. Panetean waterfall is called leug waterfall, in Sundanese language itself, leuwi means water base basin. In addition, this waterfall has clear and soothing water.

If you visit this place, you are treated to a very beautiful natural landscape with clear water and several levels of waterfalls and green springs around the waterfall. The natural conditions in the Panetean waterfall are still very good. Panetean waterfall is very suitable for you who want to calm your mind because the water is calm. Besides this place is also very suitable for you hunters selfies and nature photos. This waterfall has istagramable natural scenery with clear water surrounded by green trees and several waterfalls.

Panetean waterfall location
For the location of Panetean waterfall or leuwi waterfall is in Pangliaran, Pancatengah, Tasikmalaya.

Panetean waterfall fees
For fees charged to enter the Panetean waterfall free of charge or free. Visitors are only asked to pay for parking voluntarily.

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