Single House in Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan, a Unique Millennial Destination

Single house, yeah as a house that stands alone on the mound of a hill. Actually this house has nothing special, just a simple wooden house like a simple wooden house in general. But what makes this house look different because it stands alone on a hill in the middle of a residential area so that this building looks quite contrasting compared to the surrounding buildings.

Actually this house is not named before, because it stands alone on the hill, the young people around this area dubbed it as a single house. Because of the uniqueness of the house and the name that attracts people to be curious to come to this place. Even though it is only a house on a hill, this place has a good background for taking pictures. Many tourists who come to compete with each other get a good view for their photos.

This single house was once a house built for a resting place for artisans who dig around the land for housing. This house was built around 2008 and actually this single house had already been destroyed by a tornado. The local residents felt disappointed and lost, but fortunately the single house was rebuilt soon after that. The single house was rebuilt by maintaining the resemblance to a destroyed house but using stronger wood materials.

Formerly, this single house did not have stairs to climb, but now there are two stairs on the side of the cliff to be able to go up to the building. This place is visited a lot on holidays or red dates. Most who come here only to take pictures and are curious about the building.

Singles House Location Banjarbaru
The singles house is on Jalan Raya Cempaka Subdistrict, Banjarbaru City, South Kalimantan. The exact location is behind the housing complex Perum Graha Praja Idaman.

Levies Enter the Destination Ruah Singles
To enter this place is free of charge because this place is a large area. For those of you who are curious about this place, please try visiting. It is recommended not to come alone because it will be difficult when taking photos because the position of the house is quite high and taking photos should be a little further from the single house. good luck