Kedung Darmo Waterfall Tourism Malang Refreshing

Malang, this time will discuss about tourist destinations that have not been touched by many tourists. For those of you who have an adventurous spirit or have a high adrenaline rush this place is suitable to be one of the lists that you can visit. This place can be regarded as a hidden paradise in the city of Malang. This tourist destination is called Kedung Darmo or there is also a call by the name of the Tosca diamond pool.

Called the pond with Tosca pond because Kedung Darmo has a very beautiful pool of water like a precious stone which is bluish green. Kedung itself in Javanese means shelter. Kedung Darmo has three levels in the waterfall and each waterfall has a reservoir.

Kedung Darmo itself has not been officially managed and is not a public tourist spot. Because it has not been officially managed, do not expect to get to this place you will find directions. To reach this place is still quite heavy, besides there are no road directions, visitors must also pass through some fairly steep descent with rows of thatch.

Access to Kedung Darmo
To get to Kedung Darmo from Malang city to Bantur sub-district until passing through SMPN 1 Bantur. From the middle school just straight until you see the T-junction then take the left toward Wonorejo through the asphalt road until it runs out. Until the bantur market, you can ask the surrounding community about the location of Kedung Kedung.

Retribution Fee for Kedung Darmo
The entrance fee for this tourist destination does not yet exist or is free because it has not been officially managed. Visitors only need to pay 5,000 rupiah to park a motorized vehicle. For visitors who use a car can park around the road in front of residents' homes.

Good luck exploring the Kedung darmo.