Kalinampu Natural Park Puncong Bantul in Hits

Kalinampu, Pundung, Bantul tourist destinations. This time Bantul returned viral with the presence of new tourist destinations that are being viral. This tourist destination starts from the phenomenon of the water hyacinth flower which grows in bloom along the banks of the Opak river. Water hyacinth plant is actually a weed that grows every year and its existence is often removed because it disrupts the aquatic ecosystem.

This tourist destination is called Kalinampu Natural Park. The water hyacinth flower actually grows every year but does not always flower. It so happens that this year it only takes a week of flowering, then residents are managed to become tourist attractions. Local residents manage the natural park Kalinampu independently. This place is managed by a local youth.

This tourist destination is a seasonal tourist destination because it only exists when the water hyacinth flower blooms. Although only seasonal but this place is well managed with a Japanese-style concept with an opaque riverbank background. With this concept it is expected to be an attraction for tourists.

Kalinampu Natural Park Location
Kalinampu Natural Park is located in the hamlets of Kalinampu, Seloharjo, Pundung, Bantul.

Retribution Enter Kalinampu Natural Park
The entrance fee for this place is only 5,000 rupiah for an entrance ticket using a two-wheeled vehicle. As for the entrance ticket using four wheels only pay 10,000 rupiah.

Kalinampu Natural Park facilities
The facilities offered at this place are property such as fans, umbrellas and kimonos. For the cost of renting fans and umbrellas, they only pay a penny while the kimono only costs 25,000 rupiah.