Colo Sukoharjo Reservoir Free Travel Destinations Instagramable

Colo Reservoir or Dam Colo or Dam Colo in the Sukoharjo region is currently crowded by photo hunters. This is due to the fact that it is currently in the dry season so that the colo dam is not flowing with water and causes the concrete flow breakers to appear neat and cool. Under the dam flow there are hundreds of neatly arranged rectangular concrete blocks which have a distance of about 1 meter between one and the other. This concrete row which actually functions as a current breaker appears as a result of a small water discharge. Because this row of concrete looks neat, many use it as a background photo.

To take pictures, visitors can go down and stand on concrete, current-breaking. You can also jump from concrete to concrete but it is recommended that you be careful not to slip and plunge into water. At the top of the dam there is a crossing bridge that is used by local residents for daily activities. From the bridge, we were also treated to views of the flow from Gajahmungkur reservoir.

Location of Colo Reservoir
The location of the reservoir or colo dam is in Pengkol Village, Nguter District, Sukoharjo. This place is not far from downtown Sukoharjo. To reach this place it only takes about 15 minutes from the city center.

Access to the Colo Dam
To get to this place can be reached from the Solo-Wonogiri Highway to enter the Gupit Village area of ​​Nguter District. After that, take the left right at the intersection of three, then just follow the asphalt road as far as three kilometers and have arrived at Bendo Colo.

Retribution Fee for Colo Dam
For entrance fees there is no charge or is said to be free. Visitors are not charged entry fees and parking fees. Visitors will only spend money if they want snacks around the dam.