Boom Marine Park Banyuwangi

This time we will discuss new tours in Banyuwangi, if previously we discussed the Banyuwangi Baluran National Park. This time we will discuss a really instagramable new place. This place is called Boom Marine Park. Boom marine park is actually a public park that is often used by local residents for sports, refreshing, a gathering place and a place to relax.

Boom Marine is a jetty area developed by PT. Pelindo Property Indonesia, which is a subsidiary of PT. Pelindo III. This wharf is built with several iconic landmarks, one of which is a cross bridge (causeway) in the shape of a spiral. This bridge looks very majestic and cool accompanied by lights that add to the splendor of the bridge. No wonder many tourists flocked to hunt for photos on this pier.

Boom Marine Park Banyuwangi location
The Boom Marine Park location is in Kampung Mandar Village, Banyuwangi District, Banyuwangi, East Java.

Route to Boom Marine Park
To reach Boom Marine Park from Simpang Lima, you can pass the Jl. Dr. Sutomo arrived at Taman Blambangan. Then, you must head north to the PLN roundabout. Then, take the right to enter Jl. Archipelago.

Actually to get to Boom Beach is not too difficult, because there have been many signs and access roads that are already good and allow for all types of vehicles to pass. Public transportation is also available to go to this beach such as rickshaws and motorcycle taxis.